Baltimore Mayor Throws Her Own Police Department Under the Bus in 7 Sickening Words


From Conservative Tribune: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings- Blake is in hot water yet again after remarks she made to CNN that appeared to throw her own police force under the bus.

The public wants answers in the Freddie Gray case, however the mayor of Baltimore Mayor would apparently rather not give out anything for fear of what her own law enforcement officials would do with the information.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake is quoted saying, “What we’ve seen in other jurisdictions, where there have been information put out too early when the investigation wasn’t completed, officers had a chance to collaborate or collude and get their stories together, and it wasn’t helpful to the investigation.”

Wow. The mayor of Baltimore has not only insinuated that her police force would collaborate to perpetuate a similar story even if it were not the truth, but also that this has happened before.

She attempts to justify the remarks stating “We want to protect this process to ensure that Freddie Gray has justice.” (H/T The Gateway Pundit).

Justice should definitely be served, however making the claim that is even possible for her to believe her city’s police are capable of that sort of cover-up is hardly the kind of leadership her police department is looking for from her.

This along with her commanding her force to stand down on Monday, giving the rioters “space” to loot and destroy property could be leading toward some serious consequences for this mayor who doesn’t seem to love or trust her own city.

Or at least they should be.

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