Baltimore Prosecutor Invokes Black Muslim Revolutionary in 6 Chilling Words


From Conservative Tribune: Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby recently threw the book at six Baltimore police officers over their alleged roles in the death of Freddie Gray.

At the same time, she also threw those six officers as sacrificial lambs to the angry mob of Baltimore.

Though some may wonder why she has done so, it becomes blatantly obvious when one realizes that Mosby is little more than a social justice activist who also happens to hold the office of state’s attorney and is now using the power of the office to promote her agenda.

Just days after riots reduced sections of Baltimore to a war zone, Mosby gave a speech that seemed to be a combination of both a fiery sermon and a political rally.

“We will pursue justice by any and all means necessary,” Mosby said, invoking the infamous words of former Nation of Islam leader and black revolutionary Malcolm X.

Those words have become a rallying cry among black social justice activists.

The phrase “by any means necessary” is widely viewed as a justification for violence in pursuit of lofty political and social justice goals (H/T BizPac Review).

It also means pretty much the opposite of phrases like “due process” and “justice,” phrases with which a State’s Attorney should be more familiar.

Is it any wonder then why she has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at these six cops?

The truth is, she doesn’t care about “justice” for the cops, nor does she even really care about “justice” for Freddie Gray. She is all about holding all cops accountable for the bad actions of a few while excusing the bad actions of some young blacks in regard to promoting the broader black community.

While some may experience a modicum of enjoyment down the road when her overreaching case against these six officers crumbles around her, there will be no enjoyment in Baltimore, as the angry mob once again wreaks havoc on the city, having been thrown red meat to feast on only to have it snatched away when justice ultimately prevails.

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