Official Ban On Sanctuary Cities About To Be Law Of The Land In One Conservative State

Texas has led from the beginning in the fight against illegal immigration. And Governor Abbott is about to drop the hammer on sanctuary cities in the Lone Star state. The cost in this fight for Texans has been crushing. Since Obama has mandated that basically the feds won’t assist in stopping illegal aliens and has done everything they can to stop Texas as well, crime has skyrocketed along with the flow of immigrants over the southern border. Cities such as Houston and Austin are sanctuary cities that have said they will not obey President-elect Trump as he comes into office and puts a stop to the flow of invaders.

Abbott has signed an Executive Order that cuts funding to sanctuary cities in his state. He is also urging Trump to immediately implement a border security policy that follows the rule of law and secure our border with Mexico. Abbott will follow his Executive Order with a law that cuts funding to those cities who do not obey immigration law. That is the right thing to do and Abbott is showing real leadership here. He had already succeeded in stopping Obama’s 2014 Executive Order that implemented DAPA. No one has fought harder than Governor Abbott on this and finally he will have a President in his corner fighting with him.

From US Herald:

The border state of Texas alone bears an enormous burden – $800 million in its biennial budget – enforcing federal laws that President Obama ordered his agencies to ignore, but Gov. Greg Abbott believes those days are about to end with new policies President Trump will put into place.

Speaking from the Texas state capital, Austin, Abbot’s spokesman said, “The governor is hopeful that President-elect Trump will implement a border security policy that eases the enormous financial burden Texas taxpayers have shouldered due to the current administration’s dereliction of duty. The governor looks forward to working with the president elect to secure our southern border once and for all.”

And as part of that coordinated effort, Abbott says he will sign a law banning sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State – and has already issued an Executive Order cutting state funding to them.

Abbott may be just the man to show other governors how to do it, as he filed the federal suit that put a stop to Obama’s amnesty plan through his 2014 Executive Order implementing the so-called Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA).

The U.S. Supreme Court refused Obama’s appeal after a lower court found that his Executive Order violated the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act in federal law.

In other states, such as California, cities like San Francisco and in Illinois, Chicago, are also refusing to comply with federal law on immigration. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has vowed to defy any federal order to bring his city into compliance with federal immigration law going so far as to promise free legal counsel for any illegal threatened with deportation. Rahm Emanuel in Chicago has set up a $1 million legal defense fund for illegal immigrants as well. The fund was created in partnership with the National Immigrant Justice Center to “provide immediate legal information, screenings, consultations and representation to individuals who may be at risk for deportation,” according to a news release from Emanuel’s office. Other cities such as New York and DC are taking similar steps.


I expect Donald Trump will be good to his word on sanctuary cities and they are about to get a rude awakening regarding the rule of law. All of these mayors and governors standing against President-elect Trump on this are wrapping their causes in social justice memes instead of adhering to the law as written. Americans simply want the law to apply to all and want it equally enforced. Governor Abbott is about to do that in Texas and should be applauded for it.

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