A bar in Australia has a “No Muslims” Sign That Liberals Are Freaking Out Over


A bar owner in Queensland, Australia, found himself in some digital hot water after a picture of a sign outside of his establishment that read “Sorry No Muslims” was posted to social media.

But that’s not all the sign outside of the Eagle’s Nest Bar and Grill said.

Nonetheless, even though the full context of the sign was plainly visible in the postings, the sign led to “abusive and threatening” phone calls to the Eagle’s Nest, and even a declamation from the local mayor after it was posted on the bar’s Facebook page by a customer.

“Just a bit surprised to see the sign up ‘Sorry No Muslims’ … what’s that about???” the customer wrote.

Comments on the photo were mixed, with some decrying it as bigoted while others considered it patriotic.

But in reality, it was neither of the above — it was a simple statement of fact.

Here’s the sign, from a photo dated Dec. 19 (H/T Opposing Views):

bar sign

It reads, “2000 years ago Jesus Christ made headlines turning water into wine. The tradition continues. We turn money into beer. (Sorry No Muslims)”

Owner John Hawkes said that in the nine hours the sign was up, Eagle’s Nest received over 200 phone calls.

“While the great majority are in support of free speech and are of patriotic sentiment, we have fielded too many abusive and threatening calls,” he reportedly told ABC Australia. “For this I apologize to my family.”

“I did not encourage or envisage the social media response to this sign,” he added, blaming political correctnessfor the outrage, “but the story, if there is one, is in the reaction, not the action.”

“Longreach is a town that I believe welcomes all races and religions,” Longreach Mayor Joe Owens told ABC. “It’s a very unfortunate thing that this has come out from one individual.”

The mayor, and other liberals protesting this sign, are overlooking three important facts — as they so often do.

First, the miracle to which the sign refers was a sign of Christ’s divinity — a divinity which Muslims reject. So, sorry, no Muslims are going to appreciate this reference.

Second, the sign is an advertisement for beer. Muslims are prohibited by Shariah law from consuming alcohol. So, sorry, no Muslims are going to want to partake of this offer.

Finally, the Eagle’s Nest, in addition to being a restaurant in Australia, is the well-known name of Adolf Hitler’s mountain retreat in Berchtesgaden, Germany.

Given the very friendly relations between Hitler and the radical Muslims of his day, the “Sorry, no Muslims” message was a very relevant notice that this Eagle’s Nest did not share the anti-Semitic views of the original.

Or of the radical Islamists who want to push Israel into the sea.

But sorry — I shouldn’t try to bring up little details like theology or historical fact when liberals are in the middle of a hissy fit. Wouldn’t want to spoil it.

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