People Are Shocked At Where Barack And Michelle Just Showed Up After News Of Missing Malia Comes Out

Now, this is an odd twist to a frequent and typical Obama family vacation….

Former President Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama, along with the two spoiled brats they call their daughters flew into Sayan, Ubud this past Friday night. Where they will be staying at the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, Ubud. This resort is famous for the fact that just a mere small villa can cost upwards of $2,500 a night, with the condition of staying multiple nights.

Let’s leave aside the curiosity we all have about who is actually paying for these constant lavish vacations these good Marxists have been taking since this charlatan left office. The entire family was seen taking a walk through the lush Jatiluwih rice terrace. They all looked very relaxed, not unlike how they looked when he was president and there would be a Muslim Terrorist attack somewhere in the world. But here is the odd part, the President’s youngest daughter Sasha joined them on this walk but Malia, who reportedly joined the family for their vacation and flew in with them on the private jet no one seems to know who is paying for, was nowhere in sight.

Malia is no stranger to making the former President look bad as reported by The Guardian:

Chip Off the Old Block… Malia Obama Wears T-Shirt of Nasty Anti-Cop Rap Group

Today she’s wearing a T-shirt supporting an anti-cop gangster rap group.
Tomorrow she’ll be attending Socialist meetings at Columbia College.
And, before you know it she’ll be dining with Al Sharpton.

On Monday a grainy photo of a 16-year-old wearing a hip-hop group’s tour T-shirt was posted on said group’s official Instagram account.

One of the members of the collective, which consists of rappers, producers, and non-musical members, such as photographers and publicists, told Gawker that Mr. Bada$$ had allegedly been sent the snapshot by “a mutual friend of Malia’s and the pro era member.”

The lead “singer” for Pro Era was just arrested for jacking a security guard.

Here are a few lyrics from Extortion by Pro Era.

Im screaming who want war nigga
They dont want that war

[Bridge 2: Kirk Knight]
Shit your articles of clothing was an issue
With these magazine niggas talking shit, I’ll load a full clip
Never face Defeat, but word up in the streets
We ain’t free, don’t sell me dreams
You ain’t know that talk is cheap

[Verse 2 : Dyemond Lewis]
Kirk be the nigga with problems
We gonna call Prob up, he gonna handle the problems
Vodka blocking my chakras
Bumping that Flying Lo and TOKiMONSTA
Ahh I gotcha
We superior beings, you seen how I been
Been living on clouds but this ain’t no dream
Been riding on nimbus I’m out for the spinach
My bitch didn’t like it then fuck you, good riddance
It’s hard to stay sane in a world full of sinning
But, see, all I got is my niggas
Kreeper and Slacka, you know we mean business
Fucking gods on earth build and destroy it, our will is our tu

And, here are a few lyrics from School High by Pro Era:

I’m on my XXL Freshman shit [laughs]
These folks know what I’m smoking on
And a nigga smoking on that strong
My niggas smoke so long we like Cheech and Chong nigga
In these bars tell me one thing we do wrong nigga
CJ, you ugly nigga
Dessy not eating nigga
This nigga ugly nigga
I’m high as shit doe

[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$]
To blaze or not to blaze, that is the question
First day of school late, already in suspension
Shit, my principal a hater, man
Cause I’m a great debater and my principles are greater
Sorry hater, catch me later

And here are a few lines Come Come about the “slaughtering pigs” from by Pro Era.

Where syringes were pressed: dirty kitchen
I’m spillin’ all my kids on her dress, Started living what I’m thinking
Decider, we next stop
Stop and then frisk
Slaughtering pigs anybody can get it
Shooting stars, now make a wish
Rocking skins like the skins we rocking
Powerpuff smoking on that blossom
We’re running the game and this shit is exhausting
But I don’t give a fuck cause this shit is awesome

The children of the President should never be brought into politics no matter what party they originate from, I agree. But today with all the attacks and hate thrown at 11-year-old Barron Trump I sadly believe that unwritten rule has officially gone out the window. This picture that shows Malia wearing this awful shirt means a lot more than just getting caught drinking or smoking by the Secret Service. It proves that whatever this girl is seeing at home says it’s ok to wear the shirt of a tap group who advocates for the killing of our police officers.

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