Barron Just Got Perfect Revenge On Libs With What He Did Within Hours Of Being At White House

The President and First Lady have done things a little bit differently this time around than what is usually done in Washington. This isn’t surprising, considering that most of the presidents elected have had at least some background in politics, and many have been current residence of D.C. before they moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This President though came out swinging and won the highest seat in the land with no political background whatsoever.

The first lady and their son were already well established and in the middle of the school year in New York. Because of this, they decided to wait before moving to D.C. full-time. The move has been much anticipated and not without the proper amount of fanfare. Partly because it’s such a big move, and partly because Barron Trump is the first son to live in the White House in decades.

Any first family is likely to get lots of attention, but this particularly glamorous crowd has just gotten all sorts of attention. Between the President being a superstar in business (and a little in TV) and the first lady being a former supermodel, the two are the ultimate power couple. It makes sense that their son would have a style and story all his own, and we can see through this move that obviously he really does. His move to take up residence with his dad brought in some major money for one clothing retailer. J Crew had a great day selling out of the t-shirt that Barron wore when he stepped off of Air Force (and Marine) One.

Via Sarah Palin:

“People are still talking about when President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania, and son Barron walked off Air Force One.


As Melania and Barron were en route to officially move into the White House, all eyes were on Barron.

As previously reported, Barron’s new toy is causing quite the spin.

People however are loving his ‘The Expert’ shirt – it is sold-out, per Daily Mail:

He continued to keep things low-key as he crossed the tarmac on Sunday evening as well, outfitted in navy blue chinos, New Balances and a $30 J Crew t-shirt with ‘The Experts’ written across the front.

That shirt is now sold-out at the popular retail chain.”

This move isn’t one that just all about fashion though. The First Lady is obviously taking her responsibilities as a mother very seriously, but she’s planning to do some great things as the FLOTUS as well.

The New York Times reports on this move as well:

“For the first time since President Trump was inaugurated, his wife is living full time in the White House. She and the couple’s 11-year-old son, Barron, left Trump Tower in Manhattan behind over the weekend, a transition that the first lady announced on her husband’s favorite medium, Twitter, after it was completed.

‘Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home! #Movingday,’ Mrs. Trump wrote in her 8:30 p.m. post on Sunday, accompanied by a photo of the view of the South Lawn from the White House’s second-floor residence. Mrs. Trump’s stealth approach to leaving New York for Washington reflected the fiercely guarded privacy that she has tried to maintain since Mr. Trump formally became a presidential candidate in June 2015.

What her presence portends for her life in the White House is unclear. Mrs. Trump, 47, has not carved out a distinct area of interest yet, and people close to her say she is still considering how she wants to use what has traditionally been a public platform that Michelle Obama used to highlight an anti-obesity initiative and that Laura Bush used to prioritize children’s literacy.

Uninterested in the spotlight and meticulously careful in choosing her areas of interest, Mrs. Trump’s main concern is how her husband is doing. She remained in New York caring for Barron and taking him to school herself each day, but relying on her instincts, she advised Mr. Trump throughout his campaign.”

Obviously, the women in the first family aren’t the only ones wth a fan base. It seems that America is waiting to see what the first son will be doing and be wearing and what kind of waves he might make. This probably isn’t just an issue of style either though; there’s something fascinating and very charismatic about people won don’t give into public opinion or worry about what is being said about them. The United States has needed someone who’s outside of the Washington insider’s circle for quite some time.

The election of President Trump is something that is likely to be great for the United States, not just during his term, but in convincing people that we don’t have to pick the lesser of two political eviils, we can still rise up and elect whoever the heck we think will do a good job; political backgorund or no. And if we weren’t convinced of the admiration of the American people before, selling out an overpriced t-shirt with a vague statement on it just because the cool first kid is wearing it, should be proof enough.

(Source: Sarah Palin, New York Times

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