Barron Trump Just Made History!

There have been lots of First Families over the years. Bill and Hillary Clinton had Chelsea. There were the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara. Barack and Michelle Obama have been raising Sasha and Malia in the White House. But now that Donald Trump has been elected president, his son, Barron, is set to make history in his own way, too.

Barron will be the first son to be raised in the White House since the John F. Kennedy, Jr. was in office.

That may seem astonishing, because several presidents have had sons since President Kennedy. But all of those sons were grown men when their fathers were elected, and did not live in the White House. By some strange coincidence, every president since 1963 has only had daughters living in the White House.

So in a fun way, Barron will be making his own version of history.

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