Barron’s BIG PLANS For The White House Just Announced And Liberals Are Losing Their Minds!

Barron's BIG PLANS For The White House Just Announced And Liberals Are Losing Their Minds!

The first son to live in the White House since President John F. Kennedy Jr. is preparing to make his much-anticipated move in just a few short weeks from now once his school year in New York comes to an end. With his relocation for at least the next four years, comes an announcement this weekend of his big plans for what he’s going to do in the People’s House that has liberals losing their minds.

Barron broke the long-standing tradition of First Daughters and is now doing something else new in Washington, D.C. He’s returning to the White House for the first time in a long time, before he makes the official summer move, and is bringing a few new people with him as part of his plan.

Melania has proved that one of the most important things to her has a mother and Frist Lady is to maintain a sense of normalcy for Barron. The boy recently turned 11 and didn’t have a big birthday bash, delaying the celebration until his reunion with his family in the Nation’s Capital with a few friends along for the fun and a White House sleepover.

PollHype reports:

“According to Trump insiders, Donald’s youngest son has been waiting in anticipation for the move. He’s been eagerly asking if his friends can visit and innocently said to his mom, ‘I hope there are bedrooms for my friends to come visit’.”

What’s going to make this small party fun for the First Son and a few of his friends from Columbia grammar school, is that they will get to enjoy all that the White House has to offer for kids, including “a basement bowling alley, basketball court, tennis court, and a swimming pool,” according to the New York Daily News.

This is pretty special for Barron who has to endure endless criticism from liberal lunatics who have no qualms about berating a young boy. Leftists often accuse him of being entitled and a spoiled brat and this birthday advantage probably just adds to that inaccurate accusation. However, despite his family’s wealth, his parents have raised him with wholesome values and he has a mother who is very much involved in his life, puts him first, and does everything she can to ensure a solid upbringing.


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