FINALLY!! After Bashing Trump for Months, Megyn Kelly Gets The Punishment She DESERVES!

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump have had a rather tumultuous relationship. They came to blows when Donald Trump made disparaging remarks about her after she hosted a presidential debate and claimed that she had  “blood coming out of somewhere.” It seemingly came to a stop when she did a interview with him about the media chaos surrounding their relationship.

Now this past week on her show the “Kelly File” she referred to Donald Trump as a sexual predator. She attacked some of Donald Trump’s supporters and defended herself and her argument by saying,

“It’s to the points now where there is swastika signs showing up about the press at the Trump rallies. The committee to protect journalists has condemned Trump now, saying, like this is too far. There is — I get it, the media we’re easy to hate but there is a First Amendment and what we do actually is important.”

People have largely been divided in the Megyn Kelly versus Donald Trump feud. Some have taken Megyn Kelly’s side saying that Donald Trump unjustifiable attacked her when she was simply doing her job. While others take Donald Trump’s side saying that they felt as though Kelly was biased and mistreated Trump during the debate.

Well, now Kelly is getting her comeuppance. Her once most watched show on FOX has fallen to 3rd in the ratings and she may lose her time slot. Funny thing, even MSNBC’s uber-leftist Rachel Maddow had higher viewer ratings than Kelly.


Kelly’s labeling of Trump as a sexual predator likely is related to the recent allegations that he sexually assaulted women. After the 2005 Access Hollywood video was leaked in which Trump was caught speaking in vulgarities about actress Arianne Zucker with Billy Bush a slew of women have come out with similar stories but far worse. Many of the accusations are of women who say that he willingly fondled, groped and touched them on their breasts and in their genitals.

The GOP has largely split over the issue. Half have chosen to loyally stay by Donald Trump’s side while others refuse to defend his reprehensible behavior. Megyn Kelly certainly is not the first to denounce him and will not be the last. Kelly will surely continue, that is, if she still has a show.

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