Baton Rouge Cop-Killer’s Video Rants Tell Us Everything We Need To Know; Listen Up, Dems

Hey BLM, your hatred has killed eight police officers in just the last two weeks.

After news breaks of any public shooting, liberals are quick to pin the blame on a white male/republican/the NRA before we know even a single detail about the shooter. They were a bit silent after yesterday’s shooting in Baton Rouge, since it was pretty obvious that the shooter was probably motivated by anti-police sentiments. Baton Rouge was the city where Alton Sterling was shot after all.

The shooter has been identified, and guess what? We all suspected correctly.

BizPacReview reports:`

Using the handle “Cosmo” on his YouTube channel, Gavin Long, the man tho murdered three Baton Rouge law enforcement officers on Sunday, revealed himself to be a person who advocated violence against those he considered bullies.

He was also a Nation of Islam member, although he said he wasn’t affiliated with that organization or any other — including the Islamic State.

I’m affiliated with the spirit of justice,” he said.

“I thought my own thoughts, I made my own decisions, I’m the one who gotta listen to the judgement. And my heart is pure,” Long said.

A video titled “protesting, oppression and how to deal with bullies,” recorded in Dallas three days after five police officers were ambushed and killed in the city, he made reference to Independence Day.

“Let’s go with history. One hundred per cent of revolutions – victims fighting their oppressors, victims fighting their bullies – 100 per cent have been successful through fighting back, through bloodshed,” Long said.

People like this are victims – but not to the “oppressors” they think they are. They’re slaves to their own ideology, and this insanity is going to get countless more killed if nothing is done about it.

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