Baton Rouge Newspaper RIPS Hillary to SHREDS For Continuing To Ignore Flood Victims; GET OFF YOUR A*S!

You know, if you were running for something… ANYTHING. Wouldn’t you want to please the people who have control on whether or not you get to?

Take Hillary for example, other than sending out a tweet here and there, she has not lifted a finger to assist the devastated people of Louisiana who have lost EVERYTHING to a flood.

The thing is… the story is HUGE! Americans are homeless, hungry and children are cold and scared. Yet, Hillary is nowhere to be found.

COM’ON! The woman is the FIRST to do something that will make herself look good. Not to mention her addiction to pandering shamelessly.

So why? Why hasn’t she shown up to put on a huge show where she’s the STAR that comes in to save everyone, because… she’s just that charitable and compassionate. (No, she’s not)

Well it’s one of two things…

She’s too ill and being among too many people and cameras, opens up the opportunity to catch her in one of her weird head twitching fits. (Of course..this is only speculation at this point)

Or TWO: She just doesn’t give a flying monkey’s ass, and she doesn’t have to put on a show, because she ‘knows’ she’s going to win no matter what happens. Because…SHE’S A CHEATER! (Also, speculation. BUT very valid points, right?)

Well now, she’s getting called out by a local Baton Rouge newspaper, and they are making a whole lot of sense with just one statement:

The editorial concludes, “If she wants to be the next president, Hillary Clinton should act like one, and come to Louisiana.”

I don’t know about you but I’d say it’s near impossible to argue with that statement. Her absence makes NO sense, unless she is hiding something.

There is a TRAGEDY happening right now, and it’s a President’s job to get into the trenches with their people, break bread with them and share words of encouragement and hope…to uplift them in their time of anguish.

But, Hillary seems to be content being a money hungry, power seeking, selfish a-hole, instead of helping out the people of Baton Rouge.

Shame on her.

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