Baton Rouge Shooter Was Nation Of Islam, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ & Said “Kill Cops” On YouTube – VIDEO


The Baton Rouge shooter who killed 3 cops and wounded three others has been identified as Gavin Eugene Long.

The Washington Times reported this about Long:

“The Wall Street Journal reported, citing ‘a person briefed on the investigation,’ that the suspect had ties to ‘an antigovernment group called the New Freedom Group.’ MSNBC also reported relationships with a different anti-government group, the Sovereign Citizens.”

cop killer

It appears some are trying to tie Long to far-right groups, but the truth is a bit different.

According to the Daily Caller, Long was a former Nation of Islam member, and operated a YouTube account where he spewed hatred for whites.

In this video which he made on June 23, Long calls on black men to kill cops because they are killing blacks. He says “it’s time for the men to start sacrificing.” Long continued saying, when a “brother kills police, it’s justice.” “My religion is justice,” Long says. Long references the movie Deacons for Defense. In the movie, black men armed themselves against white police and the KKK in 1964.

NOTE: YouTube has terminated Long’s account saying he violated third party rules. This of course erased his incriminating statements (Maybe Obama had YouTube do it?). We’ve replaced all of the videos with copies.

In this video Long is hustling a black liberation book that he wrote. Long says that he wrote it for his “dark-skinned brothers.”

“If you look at all the rebels like Black Panthers, Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, they was light-skinned. But we know how hard y’all got it,” Long said.

Long can be seen talking to two or three African-Americans. He explains to them that blacks have to promote their “sh-t” or else other blacks will be buying stuff from the “crackers.”

In a video Long posted to YouTube on July 8th, he insists that if any happens to him, it should not be said that he was “affiliated” with any “groups.” Long also states that he was a past member of the Nation of Islam. It appears he may have been planning the attack on the Baton Rouge police at this point. reported that, “Long gave away his material possessions to journey to Africa, his ‘ancestral homeland’” in 2013.


Long also went by the name, Cosmo Setepenra, and registered a website of the same.

Long Tweeted about whites, racism, and apparent revenge over the shooting deaths of Philando Castile, and Alton Sterling.

His website states that, “While in Africa, Cosmo’s spiritual journey took him across Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Ghana and Burkina Faso.”

Apparently his spiritual journey included learning to hate cops & whites so much that he would shoot 6 Baton Rouge officers, killing 3 of them. Glad that pos got smoked. RIP to the cops.


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By Jeff Rainforth
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