Beautiful Mississippi woman slaughtered by THUGS (VIDEO)

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Yet another “attempted purse snatching.”

St. Louis just had it’s third racial hate crime murder, in which a group of black males killed a random white person, within a six week period. The media is insultingly downplaying the lastest murder as “a botched attempted purse snatching.” The three perpetrators shot a white male victim in the head at point blank range, and didn’t even get away with a purse.

Now we see the same thing in Mississippi. Two black males slaughtered an attractive white female as she is walking to the curb to take out her trash.

Carolyn Temple was at her boyfriends house in Belhaven, MS. She had just pulled up the driveway and decided to bring his trash can in from the curb. Two black males attacked her. They pistol whipped her in the head and then shot her in the stomach. She died at the hospital shortly after.

The media is calling it an “attempted purse snatching.” It’s funny how multiple male perpetrators can kill someone and still not even successfully steal a purse. It seems vastly more probable that a desire to commit murder was the primary motive.

You must wonder how differently these crimes would be treated by the media, if the races were reversed.

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