Beautiful Trump Supporter Reveals The TRUTH About The ‘Black Vote’ And You Will Be SHOCKED!


The presidential republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump is routinely called a racist, bigot and a xenophone. Democrat’s have almost always dominated the African American demographic come voting time. But one African American voter dropped a major truth bomb about Donald Trump that will have liberals running for cover.

Sonnie Johnson who is a podcaster and blogger recently spoke to Breitbart. Where he says that their is a reason why black voters fully understand and agree with Donald Trump’s message. Specifically about wealth and poverty.

She said,

“This message is very simple. It is wealth over poverty. If you do not think that blacks understand that message, you have lost your entire mind. We want greatness. We do not want to be dependent. We do not want free s***. We want to be able to operate in the American system, just the way every other American operates, and that takes wealth.”

In short, the boisterous Republican says that African Americans are sick of living on the poverty line. She asserts that Trump has been able to crack the wealthy liberal shell in politics. Even more, she says that African Americans are getting behind Trump’s message because it is one for all Americans.

She continued by pointing out how the media is bias against Trump. Johnson rejects the statistic that less than one percent of African American voters support Trump.

“If you go back, if you look on Twitter right now, to see all of the blacks that are in support of Donald Trump, every stat they show, shows that that support doesn’t exist. Every person they put on says that black people will not support Trump,” she said.

Johnson alleges that the GOP has the opportunity of a lifetime this election cycle to recruit African Americans like never before.

“If we can … start talking about the American Dream — what it has to offer, what we as the right wing have to offer! Freedom, liberty, financial independence, those are things that we can sell,” she said.

After all it is the land of the free and the home of the brave. That’s what we all want.

Democratic policies have kept African Americans in poverty despite their protestations that they are the every man party. They have constantly supported government policies keeping people in the government dole. By keeping them down they can continue to falsely advertise themselves as the bearer of a better life and opportunities. But if African Americans are of a higher class they can’t do that anymore!

You can listen to the full interview here: