Alabama Beer Company Just Sent Black Lives Matter Into Fit Of Rage With What They Are Putting On All Their Bottles Now

An Alabama brewery has sent Black Lives Matter and their generic SJW sympathizers into fits of rage and anti-white people commentary.

This is all because the Birch Church Brewing Co. created a beer called Black Stouts Matter.

And quite frankly, it sounds moderately delicious with a nice ABV of 7.3% and a hint of chocolate. I guess the chocolate part is bad too, right? Why, because it’s brown and this is a joke beer tilting the hat at Black Lives Matter. Were there many other choices considering it’s a dark beer? It wouldn’t make sense to brew a wheat beer and call it a Black Stout. Maybe “Wheat Lives Matter” is next?

The name Black Stouts Matter is offensive to some people. (Who cares?) Those in particular, the Black Lives Matter crew and their supporters – many of which might be overweight white females. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but other people do. Doesn’t bother me. There’s a beer called “Blithering Idiot” and that’s probably in reference to how stupid white people act after drinking too many of them. Or it could be a reference to a goat who sneaks a sip of his farmer’s brew. Or it’s just a clever name and nothing more. Get it?

Lots of breweries play puns with their beer names and funny labels. It helps them sell a few bottles and stay in business. It’s good for the economy. But I guess the BLM folks don’t agree with a little bit of punny humor, nor sparking some sales and doing well for America. Makes sense, right? The same people who loot, riot, and burn buildings down are hurt by words. So yeah, that makes a ton of sense. Sounds like butt-hurt liberalism at it’s finest.

In the latest case of tone-deaf whiteness, a craft-beer lover in Birmingham, Ala., posted the above picture to Instagram.


Some people believe (and by “some people” I mean me) that most white people—and people in general—have tasteless jokes and stereotypes that they are comfortable enough to perpetuate in private or around their friends. But someone went out and brewed a beer, had labels printed up and bottled a beer whose name appropriates a movement meant to save lives. Even worse, some brave retailer looked at all of this and said, “Yeah, I’ll sell it for you.”

What lives are being saved by Black Lives Matter? Thousands of murders and abortions each week in the African American culture. We can take a trip to Chicago where black folks kill each other at statistically alarming rates and find out that black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.

There are lots of people playing jokes on the “(insert something here) matters” line. Did someone complain about this because it’s a white hand holding the bottle? White people drink beer too.

I’d also like to point out that there’s a huge hypocrisy stemming as a result of the original article in which a black man was mad about a beer label (seriously, grow up). The comment section has someone saying “WYPIPO” which is slang for “white people.” Took me a second to figure it out. I had to read it in my best Leslie Jones voice. Freaked me out for a second because I sounded like a really scary man.

If you’re using puns and slang for one thing, then how can you condemn someone for doing the same thing?

It’s just a beer with a funny label and a fruity concoction…and don’t forget that high ABV! When we stop making everything a big deal and stop complaining about the dumbest things I’ve ever seen, then we’ll make progress.

People openly make fun of wypipo (ghetto slang for white people) and I laugh at it. Stereotype jokes are hilarious.

It’s OK to make a beer with a funny label. If the label ruins your day, then you’re the problem. Live, laugh, and love, right?

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