Before His Death Charlie Hedbo Killer Gives Bizarre Interview About Paris Attack


Prior to their deaths, one of the alleged Charlie Hedbo killers gave an interview while holed up in a printing plant with a hostage. In the telephone interview with a French TV station, Cherif Kouachi denied that they ‘killed civilians’.

He claimed instead that they “defended the prophet” which justified the taking of lives and was not the same thing as “killing civilians.”

But we are not killers. We are defenders of the prophet. We don’t kill women, we don’t kill anyone. We defend the prophet. If someone offend the prophet then there is no problem, we can kill him. But we don’t kill women. We’re not like you. You’re the ones killing the children of Muslims in Irak, in Syria, in Afghanistan. That’s you. Not us. We have honor codes in Islam.

Kouachi also claimed that the other killing in paris was a coordinated part of the plan. He said that he had gone to Yemen to be with Al Qaeda, who later sent him to paris for the attacks.

We’re just telling you that we are the defenders of the prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and that I, Cherif Kouachi, was sent by “Al Qaeda in Yemen,” ok?

Additionally, he stated that he was financed in Yemen by imam Al-Awlaki, before he was killed in a drone strike in 2011.

And that I went there and that it’s imam Al-Awlaki that financed me.

It was a long time ago. Before he was killed.

He made some odd statements during the interview, as well.

. . . the secret service I know them, don’t worry about it. I know very well how I was able to do things well.

and “That’s not your problem” when asked about who else was involved, and who was backing it.

Following the end of the sieges and consequent deaths of the alleged terrorists, hundreds of people rallied in the street in Kandahar, Afghanistan, celebrating the murder of the civilians and police in paris.

Charlie Hedbo has announced they will be printing 3 million copies of the magazine next week, with a cartoon of Muhammad featured on the cover, in response to the terrorist attempt to silence them.

The magazine will be available in 16 languages.

—Courtesy of IJ Review

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