BEGGING FOR KANYE: Degenerate Kanye West Fans Send Donations To Help With His $50 Million Debt! #SOCIALISM

Do you think Kanye would give a damn if any of his fans needed money? Hell no! These people are absolutely stupid!

via Daily Mail: Kanye West may not have to wait for Mark Zuckerberg to donate $1 billion towards his projects as it seems that the British public is more than happy to lend a hand.

A group of pranksters took to the streets of London to ‘raise money’ for the star while posing as his fans after West revealed on Twitter that he had a personal debt of $53 million.

Although a few people claimed that the hip-hop artist turned designer was ‘deluded’, more than a few people were happy to donate to the cause anyway.

One women offered to give a single crisp to the fund as she was eating the snack when approached (above)

A footage of the ‘fundraising campaign’, created by Jump Off TV, showed three actors stopping pedestrians in the Oxford Street area.

They were holding out buckets and holding up cardboard placards explaining the star’s plight to strangers.

While most people who stopped laughed at the suggestion, a surprising number of people stopped to give their change.

After a hard-sell, one man said: ‘I’ll give you 50p, just because I love Kanye.’

Many were clearly fans of the artist’s music, although not necessarily his new fashion venture.

A pedestrian found the idea of the fund hilarious and couldn't stop laughing while the prankster appeared completely serious

One man called West ‘deluded’ but donated to the fund anyway so that he would ‘make some good music again’.

But it’s not just monetary donations.

A girl who was eating a packet of crisps offered to donate a single crisp to the Kanye West debt fund.

However, plenty of people were happy to give their change to the cause, even if it was just a handful of pennies

The group also asked a pensioner for a donation.

It’s not clear whether the man knew who Kanye West was but he declined to give any money.

He firmly said no and added ‘because I’m a pensioner and I have to get by on what I get’.

West claimed that he was in debt on Twitter on February 13 before his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The star has been investing millions of dollars of his own money into his fashion designs.

Later, he tweeted ‘World, please tweet, FaceTime, Facebook, instagram, whatever you gotta do to get Mark to support me…’ in a bid to get the Facebook CEO to support his ideas.

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