Being Tolerant to Christian Persecution


The attack on Christians around the World isworld_trade-300x450 increasing from Indonesia to Iraq, including in this Country. In New York City two pieces of structural steel in the shape of a cross was found shortly after the attack of the World Trade Center. It is now being litigated in Federal Court whether it can be displayed in a museum there. In Veteran cemeteries around our Country, atheist groups are trying to and in some cases having crosses removed. Public prayer is being banned in schools and universities. Our Government is forcing religious organizations to pay for birth control and abortions. The Democrats booed and denied God being mentioned at their 2012 convention platform. Our Country was found on Judeo – Christian values. We should not deny anyone their religious beliefs. That is guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Churches are being burned to the ground in Indonesia. Radical Islamists are taking over the Middle East. If one is not willing to convert to being a Muslim, they are killed. Women are raped, in the hope they will become pregnant with boys, to increase the population of Muslims. Last month 300 school girls were kidnapped in Nigeria, in the hopes of selling them for as little as 12 dollars per person. They were forced to give up their Christian faith and became Muslims. Obama made a worthless speech and Mrs. Obama took part in hashtag diplomacy, holding a sign stating” Bring back out girls” in a selfie. Christians currently are being executed in Iraq and Syria. Most of the followers of Jesus have been forced out of Egypt. What are the World Governments doing about this? The same thing it did when Hitler was killing Jews, or when Stalin and Mao where killing people, to coerce them into oppression. NOTHING! Why?

We need to fight to for our religious beliefs. The radical Muslims are doing this. Why are we not?

What can we do? Fight! The cowardly terrorists will attack us again. They want to bring the battle to us. We have two choices. Take the fight to them, or wait for them to bring it to us. The majority of Americans are Christians. We need to stand up for our rights. Demand our Government follow the dictates of the Constitution. Demand the United Nations protect the rights of all people. We have an election coming up. When in office, our elected Employees need to be reminded they work for us and not the special interest that are buying their votes. Lastly prepare for war and pray.

Is a former US Army Officer and graduated from Baylor with a degree in law.