BEN CARSON Is BACK! He Just Revealed Why He REALLY Turned Trump Down…

Ben Carson was rumored to be considered for a cabinet position in the Trump administration and some liberals spread nasty rumors about why he did not accept it. Come to find out, he was offered a position and he graciously turned it down. Carson will be playing a role in the administration but not in the cabinet.

He will be working as a citizen lobbyist fighting other lobbyists about the Supreme Court nominee and Obamacare. He will still be playing a large role in the administration fighting for policies they believe in.

He said,

Aside from roughly one year as a candidate for president, I have been a citizen – and looking at the challenges ahead, that’s how I can be most effective in helping to enact our new presidents ambitious agenda.

Rather than leading a federal department and concentrating on one issue, I feel I can have the biggest impact on the broadest number of issues by helping to lead a movement of my fellow citizens outside of the Washington bubble. 

One reason I’ll be staying intricately involved is with the American Legacy Center, through our fight the court project, but likely on other topics as well.”

Considering that the American Legacy Center pays far better than the White House ever could we don’t blame him. So he will be able to serve his country while also serving the Donald Trump administration. As the old saying goes, ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country.

While it was odd to know he turned down the offer considering he was running for president it makes sense now give the explanation he gave. One of the first questions people asked was why he would not run an agency when he was running for President? Running for President is far harder than running one agency. But it makes perfect sense now.

Ben Carson will be an exemplary lobbyist as he was an exemplary neurosurgeon. There is no doubt that he will be productive and efficient working with lobbyists in Washington D.C. There is plenty for him to work on considering everything going on in the country right now.

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