Ben Carson Publicly Destroys Whoopi Goldberg After The Disgusting Comment She Made About His New Job With Trump

Dr. Ben Carson said his first official words as the main head honcho of HUD. He spoke solemn words speaking of history and leading up to equal opportunity for all. Dr. Ben Carson combined stories of immigrants and slaves who both, one way or another, made their way to America. It’s safe to say that BOTH immigrants and slaves wanted the best for their children, grandchildren, and future family beyond that.

With great words comes weak criticism. Whoopi Goldberg, of all people, had the nerve to spew hatred towards Dr. Carson, acting like the man doesn’t know the difference between immigrants and slaves. Is she serious?

Here’s what he said that got her and the rest of the sea-hags worked up on The View (worst show I’ve ever seen).

“There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land,” said Ben Carson.

Obviously the immigrants and slaves both want better futures for their family. Slaves have nothing. Immigrants have not much more than that. They clearly both want prosperous lives for future family members.

Whoopi Pie said this:

“How does he miss that no slave came to this country willingly? I’m sorry, Ben, ‘Roots’ watch ‘Roots,’” said Whoopi.

Why would anyone assume Carson doesn’t know the difference? The man is extremely intelligent. Obviously he knows the difference between slaves and immigrants who got on the boats by their own free will.

Ben Carson finished her and all the other haters on Facebook. He posted a very short, simple, and easy to understand post. I know comprehension and thinking between the lines or outside the box is really hard for people like Whoopi Stew.

I’m proud of the courage and perseverance of Black Americans and their incomprehensible struggle from slavery to freedom. I’m proud that our ancestors overcame the evil and repression that we know as slavery.

The slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. Slaves were ripped from their families and their homes and forced against their will after being sold into slavery by slave traders.

The Immigrants made the choice to come to America. They saw this country as a land of opportunity. In contrast, slaves were forced here against their will and lost all their opportunities. We continue to live with that legacy.

The two experiences should never be intertwined, nor forgotten, as we demand the necessary progress towards an America that’s inclusive and provides access to equal opportunity for all.

We should revel in the fact that although we got here through different routes, we have many things in common now that should unite us in our mission to have a land where there is liberty and justice for all.

Dr. Ben Carson
Secretary of HUD

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