Ben & Jerry’s Sides With BLM Thugs – New Ice Cream Flavor Celebrates BLACK POWER

The owners of Ben & Jerry’s are known for being liberal. They campaigned for Bernie Sanders for goodness sake. But that could have something to do with the fact they are from Vermont and had home state loyalty. Now Ben & Jerry’s is taking sides with another leftist leaning organization. This time it is Black Lives Matter.

Ben & Jerry’s have made a public platform by commenting on social issues such as marriage equality, climate change, and presidential elections. They released a new flavor for the Senator in support of him. Now they have created the flavor, “Empower Mint.” It was released on Thursday and founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield tweeted about it. Expressing their outright support for Black Lives Matter.


The tweet has already received 50,000 likes and 40,000 shares. Regardless of its results it is receiving mixed reviews and responses from customers. Primarily for their decision to support the Black Lives Matter group which many deem a terrorist organization. The tweet also discussed systemic and institutionalized racism. It requests that people join the cause to engage in action. Versus standing idly by and doing nothing.

The statement also references the recent shooting of an African American man at the hands of a law enforcement officer in Charlotte, North Carolina. Which resulted in rioting and protests. Most organizations have skied away from outright supporting Black Lives Matter. Most people and places simply will show support in a specific instance or argument but rarely do you see an outright acceptance. However, it is not at all surprising considering how liberal Ben & Jerry are. It would have been weird for them to not take a stance on the issue.

But it is unfortunate that politics has permeated almost every aspect of our society to a ridiculous extent. We cannot even eat ice cream without having someones agenda shoved down our throat.