Renowned Economics Expert Ben Stein, “Economically Speaking Clinton Doesn’t Know Her ASS From Her Elbow (VIDEO)

We all remember Ben Stein’s classic appearance on Ferris Buehler’s day off, forever immortalizing the phrase “Anyone? Anyone? Buehler…… Buehler…”

But as the students in the film watched his lecture board of out their minds, were you paying attention to what he was saying? If you were, you would’ve noticed you were receiving an economics lesson on supply side economics (Reagan’s policies), and the role that the Smoot-Hawley tariff played in the Great Depression.

While Peter Bergman wasn’t a doctor (but he played one on TV) – Ben Stein is an economist in both film and in real life. He’s the author of a handful of books on finance and economics – and that knowledge he has is undoubtedly a contributing factor to why he’s taking Hillary Clinton to the woodshed when it comes to her grasp of economics.

As Truthfeed reported:

Hillary Clinton knows NOTHING about jobs.


Well, wait….

She does know a lot about destroying American jobs. Her idiot husband, accused rapist Bill Clinton signed into law NAFTA, the single biggest American jobs killer of our lifetime.


TPP, the BIGGER jobs killer, which Hillary calls the “Gold Standard” of trade deals.

She’s a DISASTER on so many levels, jobs wise, she’s a wrecking ball of ineptitude.

Renowned economist Ben Stein agrees and says Hillary doesn’t know her ass from her elbow in terms of economics.

Hillary Clinton has promised to continue the Obama legacy – and that statement alone exemplifies just how economically illiterate she truly is.

What exactly is Obama’s economic legacy? To recap: the slowest economic recovery since the 1950s, the only Presidency where we never had a single year of >3% economic growth, record poverty and food stamp usage, record low labor force participation rates, skyrocketing healthcare costs and deductibles…. the list goes on.

Usually it’s liberals making us fantastic promises they can’t possibly fulfill. This may be the first time a candidate promised to continue the disasters of a previous candidate.

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