Benghazi Heroes Won An Oscar But Were Forced To Give It Up To Someone Else After The Disgusting Thing The Academy Did

Benghazi Heroes Won An Oscar But Were Forced To Give It Up To Someone Else After The Disgusting Thing The Academy Did

Most conservatives around the country are well aware that Hollywood is a leftist sanctuary. These actors tout themselves as the voice of the common man but are so off the mark it is frightening. Last night, the Hollywood elitists gathered together to remind each other how awesome they are during the Oscars. However, these liberals did not leave politics out of it and used this ceremony to take a low blow at the heroes of our nation.

Up for an award, last night was the film “13 Hours”, which is about the soldiers who defended the embassy in Benghazi until death. Of course, the liberals are not a fan of this movie because of their unwholly allegiance to Hillary Clinton. So, instead of just allowing the art speak for itself they had to do their best to disqualify the film.

Greg Russell had his nomination for his work on the film “13 Hours” revoked by the Academy

The Academy revoked one of the sound mixers nomination for his work on the film and gave it to someone else. The Academy claims that Greg Russell illegally campaigned for the award by telling people he worked on the film.

According to Washington Examiner:

The academy said in a statement that Greg P. Russell called fellow sound mixers during the nominations phase to “make them aware of his work on the film, in direct violation of a campaign regulation that prohibits telephone lobbying.”

“The Board of Governors’ decision to rescind Mr. Russell’s nomination was made after careful consideration,” said Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the president of the academy. “The Academy takes very seriously the Oscars voting process and anything – no matter how well-intentioned – that may undermine the integrity of that process.”

Now that is a low blow if you ask me.

I also find this move to be highly suspicious. 24 hours before the award show aired, a Syrian cinematographer was barred from entering the country following Trump’s vetting process. The leftists in Hollywood through a temper tantrum over this and called Trump and his policies ever name in the book. Which makes wonder if this “disqualification” was just a way to snub their nose at our nation and its heroes.

I am certainly glad I did not watch this show, and I will continue to boycott Hollywood until they get their crap together.

What do you think of this low blow move?

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