Bernie Sanders Campaign Allows a Child-Sex Advocate to Publish on Their Website


(Louder with Crowder) Wealth redistribution? We can have a civil disagreement. Taxing the one percent? We can also disagree. But liberalizing child sex laws? That calls for more than a civilized disagreement. When it comes to child sex, molestation, or pedophilia, we’re pretty intolerant.

We’ve got an archaic, but hard and fast rule here at LwC: you touch a child sexually, you deserve a bullet.

We walk it back precisely zero. It’s out there, we said it in response to a disgusting article written by a pedophile. On that same hard line, we have zero tolerance for people who want to change child sex laws just so they can fondle little future-voters in the back of a paneled van. Yes, it’s still unacceptable even in a Prius. You’re a sick pervert if you think that’s okay, and you’re also a sick pervert if you try to understand or normalize such behavior. And you’re a sick pervert if you allow child-molestation sympathizers to write on your website, even if that sympathizer isn’t writing about what he/she would like to do with a child when mommy or daddy isn’t around.

You’re also a sick pervert if you drive a Prius.

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Well Bernie Sanders, self-appointed hero and Sanders Clause to the everyman, has given a platform to a liberal-child sex sympathizer on his website. From The Daily Caller:

The article itself, written by Judith Levine, is quite mundane. Titled “Two Ways to Fix Income Inequality,” it calls for using government assistance or an increased minimum wage to improve the lot of America’s poor.

But Levine is best-known for the book she wrote 13 years ago, titled Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex. Available in its entirety online, the book takes a host of positions on sexual matters that are at best well outside the American mainstream.

Levine describes society’s fear of pedophiles as overblown in the book, and argues child pornography is rarely produced, usually not very pornographic, and not worthy of heavy police pursuit. She also suggests lowering the age of consent and complained American society is too quick to condemn relationships between young teenagers and adults.

Yes, Bernie Sanders gave this woman a platform. Again, if you think it’s totes okay to molest a child, or that as an American society, we’re too harsh on people who molest children, you’re a sick pervert.

But these liberal views on child sex are not new ideas. Actually, they’ve been quite mainstream for a while. Shocker, I know. American society, as a whole, is rightfully disgusted by pedophiles. In other countries like Europe and Canada, child sex isn’t so much of a big deal. Yet another reason why Europe sucks.

Former NHL star Theo Fleury called Canada the Disneyland for pedophiles and has petitioned the government to make punishments more harsh for child-fondlers. Germany’s Green Party Leader “regrets” a petition to decriminalize child sex–a petition he made twenty years ago. Best of all, this comes to us from the Netherlands when a Dutch court said it was totes okay for a pedophilia advocacy group to continue:

Uittenbogaard, 40, sees this as a victory for freedom of expression. He thinks society can be very overprotective. “A child can see a lot of violence on television, on every cartoon there’s violence, on movies people get killed,” he explains, “But when Janet Jackson’s breast is shown at the Super Bowl people say: ‘Oh children are watching this.’ Nakedness and everything concerning sexuality is a taboo and violence is the norm. And I think that should be the other way around.” He further believes “almost everyone has pedophile feelings in them. Only the percentage is different, some have more than others.”

We still maintain bullets are best.

Make no mistake about it. The left is trying to mainstream pedophilia. We’re seeing more evidence of the left trying to sympathize with pedophiles (remember the sick articles?), they want us to understand their plight. Understanding comes before acceptance, and after acceptance, maaaayybe a little lenience, and before we know it the unthinkable is allowed. It’s a slippery slope, and if you don’t think it can happen here in the USA, click the links we’ve provided and do some research. Please, seriously, do some research before commenting below. Otherwise, what are you even doing expressing an opinion in the first place?


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