BET Founder Speaks About Trump And Instantly Pisses Off Hillary Supporters!

One thing I always appreciate in a person I do not agree with on some subjects, is their willingness to discuss in an open hate free conversation where all parties don’t agree but on ONE thing…they need to find solutions.

That is something I highly respect in people that I don’t see eye to eye with. Without solution based conversations there is no progression, without any progression, there is no future…without a future, you only just existing and that is no way to live. For some they are only existing in hatred and bitterness, and that is a sure way to die earlier than your body wants to…that ugliness believe it or not DOES create physical problems.

Of course when you see someone like Fidel Castro live until 90 years old, you question that…but trust you me, his quality of life has been HORRID for a very very long time.

Now, here we have media mogul, and BET founder, Bob Johnson interviewing on CNBC, talking about an invitation he got from President-elect Donald Trump to discuss….wait for it… SOLUTIONS.
Mr. Bob Johnson, accepted that opportunity and they spoke about just that. SOLUTIONS.

Yes, he met with Trump and his transition team and they their meeting topics include access to capital by small businesses and issues that we are facing in our inner cities. Issues, and possible solutions.

This is progress people! Hopefully Liberals and Blacklivesmatter take note here. Which, is doubtful, because I find it hard to believe that they were every looking for any kind of solution. I get the feeling they are looking for stuff that look more like…PRIZES, then hard work for results.

Democrats have let African-Americans down for ages, that is a fact whether the Left chooses to recognize it or not. This is something that Trump is well aware of and as such he plans to make a difference and truly bring good change to our inner cities and futures of our African-American communities.

It’s what we knew he’d do all along…while we were being called racists.

Silly liberals…tricks aren’t for Republicans, they are for dummies.

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