‘Between 9 and 60’ Thugs Beat Alabama Teen for Posting ‘Blue Lives Matter’ on Facebook – Crack His Skull (Video)


Liberals are the only people who will tell you to stop the violence as they’re punching you in the face. This has been on display this entire election, as the media reports on the violence at Donald Trump rallies – only to conveniently exclude the fact that the violence is directed at Trump’s supporters, not his opponents. And what do those violent anti-Trump protestors claim to be angry about? Trump’s supposidly violent rhetoric, of course!

We’ve seen the same kind of ironic obliviousness (perhaps it would just be easier to call it “projecting”) from the Black Lives Matter crowd. They claim to be fighting racism, but at the same time are perhaps the most racist group in America currently. When you count the police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge were eight were killed, the BLM movement certainly has killed more than the KKK in quite a long time. And for anyone who wants to deny the link, their rhetoric has clearly incited violence against police. You don’t have to do much Googling to find examples of anti-police chants at BLM rallies, such as “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” and “what do we want? Dead cops!”

It’s not just police that BLM see’s fair game for attack – anyone who dares disagree with them is fair game too. As the Gateway Pundit reported, BLM thugs beat 17 year-old Brian Ogle unconscious, crack his skull after he posted a pro-police message on Facebook.

The boy’s mother was rightfully upset about the beating.


The teen was airlifted to the University of Alabama after police found him bleeding from the head in an Ace store parking lot.
The Daily Caller reported:

A 17-year-old Alabama high school student is in critical condition after being assaulted this weekend.

According to Sylacauga Police Chief Kelley Johnson, Brian Ogle was assaulted in an Ace Hardware parking lot following Sylacauga High School’s homecoming game on Friday.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered Ogle beaten and bleeding from the head.

He was airlifted to the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital where tests revealed three skull fractures and trauma to his shoulder.

Real nice.

If there was any validity to their movement, they’d be able to argue in favor of it in the public forum. As evidenced by how attracted they are to violence, clearly reason and argument is too much for those people to handle.