Cop-Hating Black Lives Thug Beyonce Flies Into Camp David To Spend Time With Obamas—OPPRESSION


Well, isn’t that cozy? Michelle Obama and Beyonce will spend Labor Day weekend together at Camp David with the kids while Obama jets off to the G20 in China to shred the Constitution and bypass Congress by signing a fascist climate agreement. The girls have soooo much in common after all… they are militant, racist cop-haters. I’m sure they have tons of notes to compare. Just disgraceful.

The Obamas have a fetish with celebrities. This isn’t how Americans live and they certainly don’t conduct themselves as the leaders of the American people. I can’t wait until they are gone… and then I remember who will take their place and I crawl off to a corner to hug myself.

From the Daily Mail:

Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy have touched down in Maryland, apparently set to spend Labor Day weekend with the Obamas at Camp David.

But, with Barack having jetted off to China for the final G20 summit of his presidency, it looks like the holiday weekend will double as a girls’ weekend.

The megastar was spotted stepping off a private plane in Frederick, Maryland, on Friday afternoon.

I refuse to coo over Beyonce. She’s detestable. Her little girl is adorable, but I just can’t get past the communist loving, radical cop-bashing performance that she has given now many times over. Every time I think of it my blood boils. The Kennedys the Obamas are not.

Gee… I wonder if these black elitist women who consider themselves royalty will reminisce over how racist America is as they enjoy Labor Day? I’m sure they’ll have dinner cooked for them and served… no barbecues for these upper crust divas. Maybe they’ll discuss how the Obamas will truly morph into global citizens, with Obama at the helm of the UN. Maybe Mooch will plan to go on tour with Beyonce and give speeches along the way.

You can bet they’ll discuss how blacks are uber oppressed in America, I mean… just look at how they are forced to live! Black Lives Matter will assuredly come up as their favorite charity, right after CAIR that is. Maybe they’ll sit around and get high after the kids leave and discuss ruling the world. It would not surprise me in the least. These women have a Napoleonic complex. They are power mongers… if you want to see the real power and influence behind their men, they are it.




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