Beyonce Is FURIOUS Over this F**K Beyonce Video That Has Emerged Slamming Her

Oh Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce…boy have you completely let yourself go. By that I mean, girl… you’ve gone from being a good Christian role model, to a greedy egomaniac who can be bought and sold to the highest bidder. Right now, it’s obvious that the highest bidder is Black Lives Matter, and their cop hating agenda.

Maybe Beyonce never received the memo.


Exhibit A:

But…I digress.

Honestly though, what a complete hypocrite. She acts as if her true nature is that of a kind, and humble person and that it is just her stage personality she calls “Sasha Fierce” that brings out the performer in her. However, what we have learned after this past year, is either she’s one crappy liar, or Sasha Fierce has taken over, and it’s ugly.

Like…really ugly.

In recent years, Beyonce has shown that she not only has forgotten her roots, she has completely replaced them with imitation hate she has created to look the part. The part of a young black woman taking a stand for a cause that’s based on feelings, not facts or truth. A cause that is getting Police Officers killed. There is innocent blood on her hands, and she does not seem to care about it in the least bit.

Maybe it’s not just ‘Sasha Fierce’ that has taken possession of her, but demons themselves. Now THAT…would explain a lot.

The woman is capitalizing on whatever will ring her in the most fame, glory, and of course…she loves that money too! Right now, it is Black Lives Matter that will get her the most attention. That’s all she wants…power, and running at the head and funding this movement is what she is hoping will put her into history books of the future.

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of a lot of her songs…they are FULL of that kind of talk. She wants to be immortal. If not by the physical body, then by name, and she seems to think Black Lives Matter is what will get her there.

In a divisive ploy to take a stand in front of the world without having to actually state it out loud in words, Beyonce gave a performance last Super Bowl that was OOZING with race-baiting ideals and motivating anti-police behavior.


In this day and age, politics is just a short hop and skip downstream from culture, and millions of impressionable youth these days are soaking up everything they choose to believe and stand for by listening to the fabricated opinions of celebrities and moronic hollywood stars that couldn’t care less about the truth. No. They only care about being right, and care NOTHING about what IS right.

And that strategy ladies and gentlemen, is how you create an ‘Obama’s America’ one moron listening to another. Pretty soon over time, you will discover the world has altogether dropped 100 points in IQ…just because it is the WRONG people getting the opportunity to have a voice in this world…

The woman is a joke. She once stood for something good, now she just represents hate. Hate for white people, and hate for Police Officers. Both of which have been her biggest fans, and her protection details when she needs it the most.

What an ass.

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