Beyoncé Is PISSED After Pittsburgh’s Boys in Blue Dropped a Big SURPRISE On Her!

Law enforcement officers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have made a statement saying they don’t want to have to work her event because of her perceived stance on race relations and law enforcement in the country.

Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance drew eyebrows this year when people argued that it was a political statement in support of the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter movements. It ignited argument over race relations in America. Some police officers were stated on television as saying they didn’t want to have to work events for her considering how anti-cop both movements are.

The Pittsburgh police chief publically stated he was unaware of any outrage over police officers covering her event. The Mayor can be heard saying that while officers may disagree with her political views they have a sworn obligation to work the event on behalf of her protection.

Posts on the FOP page show law enforcement officials making statements that they refuse to work the event and that anyone who does should be ashamed of themselves. Officers are planning a boycott on May 31st at Heinz field. The officers union stated they will file a complaint with the city if they force them to work on the secondary employment.

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