Biden Blames “Lazy American Women” For The Economy: “They Sit Around Doing Nothing, Only Hillary Can Force Them To Work”

For all the talk about Donald Trump’s problem in attracting female voters, at least he isn’t blaming them for the state of the economy.

Barack Obama claims to have saved the economy – and it “only” cost us $10 trillion to do so. Of course, that’s being generous.

Did he really save the economy? Under his leadership, we’ve had the slowest GDP growth on record. He’s the only President in U.S. history who will never achieve a year where the economy grew 3%.

Yes – that means there were years during the Great Depression where the economy grew faster than under Obama.

And what else does he have to boast about? Student debt ballooning to $1.3 trillion? Declining median wages? Sky-high healthcare costs, despite promising savings of $2,500 per household? Record high food stamp usage and poverty, despite an economy “recovery”? Record low home ownership rates?

Yeah – what a legacy that is. And I haven’t even gotten started on non-economic issues.

Yet Hillary Clinton advertises her candidacy of the Obama legacy – which should be reason enough to never consider voting for her.

But Joe Biden has found a scapegoat….. lazy women. As Spinzon reported:

Democratic Vice President Joe Biden wants American women to get back in the workforce to help boost the economy. “If we just put all the women back to work, if they were able to afford childcare, we would increase the GDP in America by close to eight tenths of one percent,” he said. “That’s trillions of dollars over the next decade.”

Biden made his remarks during a campaign event for Hillary Clinton at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. “The state of our economy could be characterized by a single word: pitiful,” he argued. “We’re still battling recession, I don’t care what the official stats are saying, America is still in recession. And we’re not doing anything about it.”

He added that it was “lazy American women” who brought about the downfall of the economy, because “they sit around on their behinds, doing nothing and squandering their days away when they could be improving the country that has given so much to them.” “I’m not sure how exactly we got to this point, but we’re here and we need to move. Like, yesterday,” he said.

“Mark my words and mark them well,” he addressed the crowd. “Hillary Clinton is the only one who can force American women to go to work. This is true because of a number of reasons. First, she’s a woman herself and not just any woman; she’s a self-made woman. So you better believe what she’s saying is true and has been tried and tested in practice plenty of times.”

“Second, Hillary Clinton understands how difficult it can be to give up the status of a free-loader when your husband is the bread-winner of the household and the wife is expected to tend to the house, the children, make sure dinner is served and always be in the mood for marital duties. She’s been all that and she’s learned how to break free from it, the hard way, I might add,” Biden continued.

Liberals are attacking Trump for his “nasty women” comment about Hillary – how come there’s no outrage from the Left over Biden’s “lazy women” comment about…. ALL women.

The economy is suffering challenges – but don’t blame the ladies for it. Blame Obama.

It’s not fair to blame women for the state of the economy – unless Hillary Clinton takes office and we face the consequences of it.


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