BIG MISTAKE! Little Black Thug sucker punches white kid…then gets WRECKED (VIDEO)

In reality, I suspect both kids are thugs. But the black thug sucker-punched the other kid and then got his clock cleaned before someone stepped in to break it up.

When the fight started, to be fair, the white kid heckled the other kid. He was asking to get into it with him, so both parties are at fault here. Fighting is just dumb. It doesn’t prove a thing and makes you look very foolish. These two did a bang-up job on that count. Wonder if they were expelled over this fight? They should have been.

From Right Wing News:

Kids. Stay in school. Be productive, and learn what you can before you graduate…

Do NOT be like these two.

Save the fighting for defending yourself boys and girls. Look at me. I’m trying to channel the wise-guru…but of course, kids will be kids…being idiots is just a part of growing up.

It’s one thing to defend yourself, it’s quite another to provoke a fist fight. It’s also reprehensible to throw a punch the way the black kid did… that was downright sneaky. I think he was genuinely surprised that the white kid beat him the way he did.

Neither one of these boys really knows how to fight. They punch like girls. In fact, I know girls who are much better fighters than this. What bothers me even more is how the other kids there laughed and then just watched and videoed the festivities. No one tried to break it up until an adult came along.

I have no way of knowing what the two were talking about, but the comments below the YouTube video where this is found are just vile and racist beyond belief. This is another excellent reason to not send your kids to public schools. They are full of thugs and bullies. And thanks to Obama racial hatred is at an all-time high in schools and everywhere else. Many of these kids act like animals and get away with it over and over again.

Perhaps fighting has always been this prevalent in schools, but I don’t remember it that way. I traveled a lot as a kid and went to countless schools and I did not see this level violence… the only places that came close were big cities. If you got into a fight, you got expelled, just as you should be. It wasn’t tolerated. School should be for learning, not fighting. This kind of behavior is barbaric and deplorable. Welcome to Obama’s America.


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