BIG MOTHER: Hillary Clinton Demanded Passwords To Every Social Media Account Of Veep Candidates’ Family Members

Nothing spells tyrant like a candidate that demands to know every last little detail about her potential VP choices. Enter the Godmother of politics – Hillary Clinton.

Clinton subjected interviewees to five weeks of grueling questioning by John Podesta and attorney Jim Hamilton. I’m sure it was not pleasant. They were allowed to bring one trusted person with them and I’m sure they had to be pre-approved. They had to turn over every password for every social media account for every member of their family.

They were also forced to turn over every resume from the last 10 years, report every gift they had ever received and list every piece of property they had ever owned. I have complained forever that politicians like Hillary Clinton are not subjected to background checks, but she sure knows how to conduct them on those vying for the VP slot.


From Gateway Pundit:

They had to turn over every password for every social media account for every member of their families.

They had to list every piece of property they’d ever owned, and copies of every résumé that they’d put out for the past 10 years. Every business partner. Every gift they’d ever received, according to those familiar with the details of the vetting process.

For the finalists in the hunt to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, it was five weeks of questions and follow-up, and follow-up to the follow-up questions, starting from when they were summoned one-by-one to meet with campaign chairman John Podesta and lawyer Jim Hamilton and told to bring along just one trusted person who’d serve as the point of contact…

…The Clinton campaign, which provided traveling reporters Friday night with a press release in background, bullet point form about the process, was carefully nudging narratives throughout.

These candidates willingly coughed up whatever Queen Hillary demanded. I find the whole process invasive and insulting. Clinton will do anything to be in total control and protect her own hide. ANYTHING.

The Politico stated that Podesta’s leak-protection plan assigned each candidate a different additional lawyer to handle the vetting. The 150 questions on the first part of the questionnaire were standard, with an addendum based on their individual histories that surprised some of the candidates with how much they’d already been vetted before they knew that the process had actually started. Round after round came back with more follow up questions, swamping aides for weeks.

Can you imagine submitting to this for weeks on end? The stress, the paranoia, the groveling? Obama sent a message to Clinton that he was thrilled with her selection of VP in Tim Kaine. I’m sure he is. If Clinton is elected, she will be even worse than Obama. She will run the White House like it is the mob and all of America will turn into one giant Tammany Hall.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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