As the world continues to bow to the liberal ideology of “tolerance” in regards to the religion of Islam, despite the highly ironic nature of it all, it seems the U.S. military has further obliged this agenda. In accordance with Sharia law, the Pentagon has announced that they will be offering uniform exception to Islamists pertaining to things such as beards, hijabs, and turbans.

Recently commenting on the uniform changes, a source within the Pentagon noted that the exceptions would “reduce both the instances and perception of discrimination among those whose religious expressions are less familiar to the command.”

However, this could be a bigger problem than military officials are willing to admit because there are already over 100 jihadists who have infiltrated America’s infrastructure, as reported by Islamist Watch.

According to the Conservative Tribune, at least two have been arrested and charged:

Craig Benedict Baxam, a 26-year-old intelligence specialist with the Army, was sentenced to seven years for destroying evidence prosecutors say proved his collusion with an al-Qaida linked group. Also charged was Mozaffar Khazaee, an Iranian-born Defense Department engineer who is alleged to have sent documents on the F-35 program back to his country of birth, according to the BBC.

So what? Some of our brave soldiers are now allowed to grow beards on account of their religion — what’s the big deal, right?

According to Islamist Watch:

Regarding the Muslim beard, Muhammad wanted his followers to look differentfrom “infidels,” namely Christians and Jews, so he ordered his followers to “trim closely the moustache and grow the beard.” Accordingly, all Sunni schools of law maintain that it is forbidden—a “major sin“—for men to shave their beards (unless, of course, it is part of a stratagem against the infidel, in which case it is permissible).

If such Muslims are so intent on following the simpler aspects of Islam, will they not abide by the deeper rooted demands of the religion such as “enmity for and deceit of the infidel, and, when capable, perpetual jihad?”

As “the West” has been declared the infidel on countless occasions and a true hindrance and oppressor of the “religion of peace,” why do we cave to the demands of a religion that would gladly rejoice in our destruction? Given this reality, how many Islamists fight within the ranks of the U.S. military as jihadists?

Are these questions a stretch, as some Muslims simply want to serve their country, or should we be wary of an ever adaptive enemy that has made clear their intentions – the utter annihilation of our country?

Courtesy of Mad World News

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