BOOM: “Bikers For Trump” Announce Their Most EPIC Ride Yet… And It’s Happening In January


DC police are expecting in excess of 30,000 commie protesters to hit the nation’s capitol on January 20th, for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. Come on down! Let’s party… Bikers for Trump is on the way to protect patriots from this scum. The bikers have protected Trump supporters at rallies and even at the Republican National Convention from thugs, Leftists, radicals, commies and outright terrorists/criminals. I have seen movements now to bring as many as 2 million Trump supporters to the DC scene. Should be something to see – it will be historic.

Even if you weren’t invited to the inauguration, there’s going to be one hell of a gathering there. I imagine weenie protesters will mostly scurry for their safe spaces. But the hardcore ones who want to dance are going to find willing partners to take them on. A little cold won’t keep these bikers away. Neither will violence. Feel the rolling thunder as biker patriots come to show their approval for the newly elected 45th President of the United States… Donald J. Trump.

From the Conservative Tribune:

According to a post on its Facebook page, the group planned a massive ride to coincide with Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the United States of America.

The post stated that the group would meet in DuPont Circle Park in the nation’s capital — normally a liberal hot spot in an atypically liberal city. On Jan. 20, though, it will be filled with patriotic bikers, all saluting the new president.

“This will be for all Trump Supporters, mostly to my Brothers and Sisters,” the post read. “It’s will be cold but we all been through worse situations. Bring your bikes, let America hear US ROAR for our new president. There is an event called Not My President, that is gaining ground, I saw it on 11/10 at 6:30 am. In one hour they have gained over 1,000 going and 4,000 interested.

“We all know how those numbers are deceiving. Let’s show them how Bikers turn up to show support. Remember 9/11/13, massive numbers. Every year for Rolling Thunder, that’s how we roll. So anyone that can help in this endeavor, please contact me. This cannot be done by a single person. Need many Patriots to bring this to around. Permits, Parking, Gathering Area, Motel and Hotel Room Blocks (for discounts). As President Trump says, ‘Make America Great Again,’” the post concluded.

Bikers for Trump put this out for the rally: “We will announce our plans for the Trump/Pence inauguration on December 2nd,” it read. “Bikers For Trump will play a major role in this historical event. The Bikers across the country have had a major impact on this presidential election campaign cycle. Donald Trump is grateful for each and every Biker who took the time to rally behind his campaign and even more for those who showed up and voted. The biker community rallied and became one of Donald Trumps biggest demographics.”

Approximately two million bikers are planning to arrive in Washington, DC by January 20th, 2017. The patriotic bikers are volunteering to attend Trump’s inauguration to enhance safety during the event. It will be a sight to see and I know that President-elect Trump will approve. This will be their most epic ride yet.



A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.