QUESTION – Do You Support Patriotic Bikers DEFENDING Trump’s Inauguration? TAKE OUR POLL

This might be the last we see of the weakest faction on the planet.

The liberals might be obliterated on the night that Donald Trump is crowned the President of the United States. Sure, the crown might be orange and look like the tip of a corn stalk because Trump’s hair is just hilarious – but he’s still the leader of the free world starting in January of 2017.

And as you know, there will most likely be liberals and democrats protesting because they think Hillary, the one who probably cheated on the election, should be the President. If there was a candidate likely to cheat, then it was Hillary – and she still lost!

Liberals are good at two things – losing, then crying about it via protest. They’re really not known for anything else besides being annoying and pestering people over things they don’t care about.

Liberals are annoying.

That’s why two million American patriot bikers are cruising into town on to keep the protesters out of Trump’s corn stalk hair and let everyone enjoy the night.

If two million bikers can unite and do something for a good cause, then how come the people living in the inner city, trailer parks, ghettos, and other crap places of the world can’t get together and do something good?

Two million people is more than the population of many cities in this country. In fact, probably MORE than most cities in this country.

The bikers will make sure the whiny liberal turds keep their filthy and feminist faces away from the fun celebration.

Liberals – if you were planning to protest the inauguration, then just stay home. You’re wasting your time. Stop crying about your loss. Take it like a champ, rebuild like a team, and come back to fight your opponent in the next election. True champions learn from their losses.

If you want to attend and have fun, then work with republicans and GOP members to build a relationship, trust, and compromise on government issues – then that’s a better idea.

You only get respect when you give it and act right.

Protesters are losers who get no respect, from anyone, ever.

If the protesters act out of line, then I hope they get smacked up by a biker.

Can you imagine what would happen if a little whiny liberal got in a biker’s face?

I predict someone’s teeth hitting the pavement quite fast.

The bikers probably won’t tolerate those little whiny protesters getting in their face and screaming at them.

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