Bill O’Reilly Goes OFF on Why Elizabeth Warren Should Never Be President [VIDEO]


As Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren continues to receive favorable media coverage from most of the mainstream press, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly devoted Tuesday night’s “Talking Points Memo” to revealing what an America under President Warren might look like.

Warren is being urged to seek the Democrat party nomination for the 2016 presidential election by many who might otherwise have been assumed to support the de facto front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

If Warren were to run, she would present a serious challenge to Clinton from her left, requiring the former secretary of state to walk a fine line between appealing to centrist independents and playing to her leftist Democrat base.

Because, according to O’Reilly, Warren is “emerging as the face of liberal America.”

Clinton’s ties to Wall Street would likely hurt her in a primary fight against Warren, who is on the record as being strongly anti-capitalist.

Among her other liberal social causes, Warren would likely fight for taxpayer-funded abortion, higher corporate tax rates, an expanded welfare state, and stricter gun control regulation, O’Reilly argued.

“In short,” he said, “she is a classic liberal thinker who believes Washington should control the lives of individuals for the collective good.”

And that would make her a “hero” to some on the left, especially among minority and younger voters.

But to the right, a President Warren would be anything but.

“If Sen. Warren ever gains the White House,” O’Reilly warned, “she’d make Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan.”

Watch his entire “Talking Points Memo” here, courtesy of Fox News:

It’s hard to imagine a worse president than Barack Obama — even Jimmy Carter appeared, though misguided, warm-hearted.

Nonetheless, it might be good to see Warren in the race, if only to force Hillary to abandon her centrist veneer. After eight years of Obama, the further to the left the Democrat nominee appears to be, the better the chances will probably be for a Republican to retake the White House.

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