Bill O’Reilly’s Epic Response To CROOKED Hillary’s Lies Will Change The Outcome Of The Election (VIDEO)

Do you believe in the accountability of the people in power? If you said yes, our leaders in politics do not agree with you. The newest wiki-leaks emails have got even Obama denying that he ever knew about the non .gov email address. Juan Williams appeared on Bill O’Reilly this week and said, “I think you can’t have misinformation coming from the President. It’s important that the American people know what he knew and when he knew it, he should explain. Accountability of the people in power is absolute.”

O’Reilly makes a very important analysis. Quoting Hillary Clinton’s best friend, Cheryl Mills (Clinton Fmr Chief of Staff and a lawyer) from her email “We need to clean this up- he has emails from her- they do not say” O’Reilly explains that even those closest to Hillary KNEW this was wrong and that it could most definitely hurt President Obama. Another smoking gun that proves that Hillary’s inner circle knew what Hillary was doing was wrong came in an email conversation between John Podesta (running Hillary’s campaign) and confidant Neera Tanden on March 2:

Neera Taden: “Why didn’t they get this stuff out like 18 months ago, so crazy”
John Podesta: “Unbelievable”
Neera Tanden: “I guess I know the answer, they wanted to get away with it”

‘Get away with it’ means that they knew Hillary was in the wrong. Being the very closest friends and associates of Hillary, you have to know that they talked to her about it. These private conversations are more proof that Hillary lied about her emails. O’Reilly then moved onto FBI Director James Comey saying. “Either Comey knew about the wikileaks email and covered it up OR he didn’t know which was a dereliction of the investigation.” EVEN the Hillary campaign itself admits in email that these emails are bad and yet Juan Williams says that maybe Comey didn’t mention it because he didn’t think it mattered.

Riley’s closing remarks: “It’s obvious the FBI booted the investigation I believe intentionally, it’s obvious Hillary Clinton didn’t tell the truth about her emails, and now the American people have to go and decide who to vote for President.”

This was the nastiest and most underhanded cover-up in government during my life. FBI and State Department and possibly the President of the United States covered up wrong-doing to protect the vilest of American leaders, Hillary Clinton. Why would they protect her in a way that would put her at risk? Why do people defend the devil?WATCH the full interview below:

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