As racial tensions continue to grow problematic in the wake of Michael Brown’s death, neither side is doing much to deescalate the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

Following the shooting of the unarmed black teen back in August, the hashtag #HandsUpDontShoot began popping up in newsfeeds and in tweets across the social media in protest of Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown. The hashtag was created to support some eye-witness’ accounts that the teen had put his hands up in the air surrendering, prior to being fatally shot by the police officer.

There are some on the other side of the aisle however, that believe that Wilson acted out of self-defense when he shot Brown. An unnamed activist has launched a fund to raise money for a billboard to be featured in Ferguson, which will play off the popular Michael Brown hashtag, #PantsUpDontLoot.

The goal for the campaign is $3,000, and the anonymous organizers say that they will return all of the money if they fall short of reaching their goal.

Despite whose side you’re on, posting billboards such as this will only stir the pot and further divide us along racial lines. Honestly, there are lessons whiThis Billboard Will Have Ferguson Rioting All Over Againch both the black community and police officers in Ferguson should learn. While there are some police there who seriously need to dial it back on being so militant and fulfil their intended purpose which is to “protect and serve,” blacks need to stop looking for opportunities to incite violence, as this is not going to solve anything. Would “HandsUpLetsHug” be a little too optimistic?


Courtesy of Mad World News

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