Bill’s BIG Scandalous Skeletons Just Came Out After People See What’s Caught In Girl’s Pic

Bill's BIG Scandalous Skeletons Just Came Out After People See What's Caught In Girl's Pic

Bill Clinton is no stranger to controversy but a photo that recently emerged on social media likely reveals his biggest scandal yet that he never thought would come out. Now, he’s faced with some bad news after what is caught in this seemingly innocent snapshot when people realized who the young woman really is.

Bill is the bane of his wife Hillary’s existence who only stays with the former president for the personal gain she uses for her own political career. The two practically live separate lives and it’s no secret that Bill is fulfilling his intimate needs elsewhere — which he seemingly always has. His lust for other women has made him the center of a lot of seedy allegations. Now, this one photo might haunt him forever after the woman in it was just arrested.

Without thinking much of it, Acacia Friedman switched out her Facebook profile picture with a selfie of her and “Slick Willy.” While it’s not uncommon for anyone to want to proudly display their photo op with a “celebrity,” Friedman was hiding something else in the shot which just landed the Florida college student in piping hot water.

Bill's BIG Scandalous Skeletons Just Came Out After People See What's Caught In Girl's Pic
Acacia Friedman with Bill Clinton

Friedman and her two friends, Samara Charlotin and Maury Noun, were arrested last week for a prostitution ring they were running from their college campus. The two women were taking cash for sex and Noun was their pimp arranging the encounters.

Bill's BIG Scandalous Skeletons Just Came Out After People See What's Caught In Girl's Pic
Samara Charlotin (left), Acacia Friedman (center), Maury Noun (right)

Where there is sexual controversy, Bill is never far behind, and in this case, he’s caught in a photo with the alleged college prostitute who has been arrested since posting this picture. It hasn’t been determined is this was just a coincidence, “chance photo,” or if Bill was just up to his old, disgusting antics. The picture was said to be taken at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton during her presidential run, Info Wars reports.

If nothing else, perhaps a “familiar spirit” brought these two together who share a common, unspoken bond for rogue sexual behavior. While it certainly could have been a coincidence, it’s definitely ironic considering all of the controversy that Bill constantly finds himself in. For someone who claims he’s innocent and loves his wife, he’s sure caught in a lot of compromising positions.

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