Bin Laden’s Little Rat Son Hamza Threatens Terror Attacks On America

Oh look what we have here..another bloodthirsty Muslim that needs to be sent to allah. Revenge? Gotta love how these cockroaches threaten. They could care less on the thousands they slaughtered on 9/11 and across the world..but you kill one of the cockroaches and they just start foaming at the mouth.

Just do the world a favor and send this little rat where he belongs…with his pig father in hell.

From CTV News

Al-Qaeda’s media arm has released an audio in which the purported son of the late AL-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden threatens revenge against the U.S. for assassinating his father.

In the video released by As-Sahab Saturday, Hamza bin Laden tells Americans that they are accountable for the decisions of their leaders. He says AL-Qaeda will continue waging jihad, or holy war, against the U.S. in response to its “oppression” of Muslims.

“If you think that your sinful crime that you committed in Abbottabad has passed without punishment, then you thought wrong,” he says.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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