Black Bully Starts A Fight With A Little White Boy – Realizes His HUGE Mistake Too Late

It was a normal day until these two enemies met in the parking lot. That’s when it all went down. The chaos that ensued was over as soon as it started. We don’t know the backstory or history of the two fighters in this parking lot street fight video, but we do know one thing – the outcome was certainly not expected by many.

The story trending on the Internet is that the taller topless black fella in the video below is the aggressor who started the fight. He’s shirtless, flexing his skinny body like he has muscles, and trying to intimidate the white guy who has a 1930’s bowl cut from an Amish farm. This white kid looks like he literally just got done building a house with no electricity and he’s not sure why he is even allowed to wear a colored shirt. The black fella, who may look like he works out, but probably doesn’t, appears muscular because he probably lives on a diet of Hot Cheetos and Tampico. You can tell just by looking at him with his sagging pants and poor placement of his hands that he doesn’t know how to fight. I would assume this guy couldn’t fight his way out of his grandma’s dress on the weekends. The white guy looks too nerdy to expect him to know how to throw some fists, but the fact that he’s stepping up to the plate shows he’s not scared to swing and hit a home run. His confidence reeks of potential destruction. He’s unafraid of his enemy and they’re about to throw down some hammers!

It doesn’t matter who starts the fight. I always vote for the guy getting picked on to knock the bully out. Color doesn’t matter, but people’s actions do. Looks like the bully is a giant bag of women’s vinegar.

Let’s watch the video and listen to the guy talking about the video like he’s the poor man’s Michael Buffer or MST3000.

A black guy actually did a hilarious analysis of the fight & black on white relations in these kind of situations. Watch.

They square up and within seconds the bowl-cut bandit takes swaggy lowpants to the ground like they’re in the octagon. Now it’s time for the ground and pound and the white boy unloads a few hard punches to the face of his enemy. After the black fella is rendered unconscious, the white guy gets up, shouts a few things, and throws a wicked haymaker to finish him like a Mortal Kombat character.

When you pick on a guy with a bad haircut, be prepared to lose and be embarrassed in front of your friends. Don’t ever trust a guy with this haircut because he will probably beat the dickens out of you.

There are two things to learn from this video. The first thing is to not start fights with people while your pants sag and you know you can’t fight. The second lesson to learn from this fight is how to properly end a fight. Take notice of what the winner does when he’s finished winning. He walks away. Fight is over. There’s no one jumping in. There’s no one robbing the guy when he’s down. There’s no one whipping out a gun like they’re in the wild west. This is a classic schoolyard fight where the rivals go their separate ways when it’s over. The fight is over when it’s over. Now if this event turned into something much bigger after the cameras shut off, then we have no idea. Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t.

For the record, this fight was more entertaining than every fight involving Floyd Mayweather. I would rather have these two guys go 12 rounds than watch that snoozefest defensive machine Mayweather dance around a ring and bore people.

H/T Hillary4Prisoner

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