Black Bus Driver IGNORES Group Of Thugs Attacking White Catholic School Girls!! OUTRAGEOUS!

Four Caucasian girls were attacked in a racially motivated crime. The four girls were fifteen years old and attended Catholic school while they were riding their bus home from school . They were targeted and attacked and they were leftmost bloody and bruised from the entire ordeal.

One of the African American men reportedly said,

Oh, white girl got money!”

The bus was traveling around 3 p.m. on Tuesday after school had been dismissed from Saint Catherine’s Academy in the Bronx. The group of African American boys and girls started grabbing the young Caucasian girls and punched, kicked and pulled out clumps of their hair in a vicious attack.




Two of the girls spoke to the New York Post who said the trouble began in Throgg’s Neck when they boarded the bus. The boys were leading at them and the 10th graders while snapping pictures of them they did not have permission to tale.

The attackers are still at large so the women chose to remain anonymous. They said they were in their school uniforms when the men approached them and began speaking to them and threatening to piss on them. She said they said,

Oh, you go to St. Catharine’s? What, do you have money? Go drink your coffee, white girl, and go shopping.”

While the girls tried laughing it off the torment continued when the boys called reinforcements at the Westchester Square stop. Then six to eight young black men and women approached them and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

She said,

“All I remember is seeing the bus doors open and these girls have me by the ankles. One of the guys had me by my hair and punched me in the jaw.”

The assailants were able to get away with the backpack of one of the girls which contained an expensive iPad in it. Police say that this is an ongoing investigation and that the bus driver did nothing to help them even though he knew what was going on.

Scott Seskin, the girls attorney said,

“I’m going to use whatever contacts I have to have this investigated as a hate crime because of the language that was used that started the whole thing off.”

Lock these vagrants up in jail where they belong. Nobody should get away with treating another human being like this.


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