BLACK CATS MATTER: Teen Thug From NJ Throws Someones Cat From High rise Window Posts Video

There is always an interesting story that takes our attention away from everything going on in the political arena. This story involves a nineteen year old girl from New Jersey who is accused of throwing a feline cat from the third floor balcony of a Newark building.

The woman’s name is Tikeemah J. Lassiter and she was arrested this past Saturday after the video she taped of the incident was posted via the social media website Instagram. It was reported to the Newark Department of Public Safety and the police got involved.

It took place on Thursday, December 1st near a building close to South Orange Avenue. Fortunately, the cat survived the three story fall and is now in the good care of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The video shows another woman yelling at the woman asking her if the cat is dead. Right before it flopped onto the ground. The suspect was visiting family and friends and the police indicate she did not own the cat. Prior to this attack she had a warrant out for her arrest regarding an assault on a transit worker she had previously committed.

Now she is facing animal cruelty charges that could leave her with a six month jail sentence. It was animal advocates and anti animal cruelty groups that reported the video to the police and animal abuse agency. The cat received immediate veterinary care and may be returned to the initial woman who had found her.

Animals are defenseless animals and for anybody to commit such a pointless and cruel crime is disgusting. Clearly they should be doing something productive with their time like looking for work instead of abusing animals just for the kicks of it. She deserves the entire six month sentence she faces.

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