Black Chick Gets SLAMMED And TASED By Cops, Liberals Outraged, Did She Deserve it?

I’m so sick of these people behaving like animals. She deserved this. She also had a knife on her..She was also spitting and kicking cops..guess what happens when you do that?

I’m also tired of this anti-cop bigotry. Cops have every right to slam or tase anyone that is trying to attack them.

Wouldn’t you? I sure as hell would! She’s lucky that’s all she got. Also tired of these so called journalists defending this animal behavior. This thug ain’t no innocent victim. So please take the victim card and shove it where the sun doesn’t sun.

From Daily Mail

A video of two Wisconsin police officers body slamming an 18-year-old girl to the ground, kicking and punching her and then tasering her while she screams  has provoked angry protests

The video filmed at a mall in Madison last week shows the two unnamed officers holding Genele Laird’s hands behind her back after detaining her at a mall where she was threatening employees.

Officers then begin to wrestle her to the ground and kick her while doing so, before pinning her to the ground and tasering her several times.  

Authorities also said that Laird kicked and scratched the arresting officers and even spat in their eyes.

They added that if she had not resisted arrest they would not have exerted the same force.

But Laird’s aunt told CW-39: ‘She doesn’t have any record. What happened to her was unfair. She didn’t deserve this.’

The department is now conducting an internal review.

On Friday, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said that Laird will be referred to an alternative restorative justice program and won’t face criminal charges if she completes the program, reported Wisconsin State Journal.

Ozanne said at a news conference Friday: ‘Her victims each made the decision that restorative justice makes sense in this case.’

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