Black Conservative To Mexican Flag Protesters: “If Your Country Is So Great…Why Are You Here?

A great mystery is why those anti-Trump protestors parading around waving Mexican flags are doing so because they don’t want to live in Mexico.

We see signs reading “Make America Mexico Again” or “America Was Never Great” at anti-Trump protests, but if these people actually believed this, why not welcome their deportation with glee?

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One black conservative is unleashing on their hypocrisy – and he isn’t holding back. Via 100PercentFedUp:


“Why is it acceptable for people who come from other damn countries to be proud of their country, but if American who is proud of the American flag is deemed “racist”? Why are you here is you’re so proud of Mexico? Nobody else wants to say it, but Mexico is a hell-hole. They come over here and use our system because of our weak-ass politicians. Mexican pride this, and Mexican pride that. Then why the hell are you over here? Stop the BS. If I was saying a country was so great, I wouldn’t have my ass in another country screaming about how great that country is that I ran away from!”

He doesn’t call himself the “Doctor of Common Sense” for nothing. It’s a shame liberals are immune to common sense.

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