After BLACK cop shoots BLACK suspect, victim’s brother says….

I don’t think Black Lives Matter is even trying to keep their narrative consistent at this point. The movement began to protest unarmed black men shot by white police officers who we were automatically supposed to assume were racist.

The two most recent race riots didn’t fit that narrative. In Milwaukee, in the riots following the shooting death of Sylville Smith, the circumstances didn’t matter. Smith was armed with a stolen firearm, told to drop the weapon, and was killed by a black police officer. Despite that, rioters still saw fit to burn their community to the ground and target white people for beat downs to “stick it to the man. There’s video footage of rioters targeting white people for beat downs in retaliation for the shooting. One rioter was caught on camera (before all hell broke loose) stating that “we cannot cohabitate with white people anymore.” He’s fine to think that – but it wouldn’t have saved Sylville Smith’s life.

The most recent officer involved shooting was quite similar. An armed black man (named Keith Lamont Scott) was shot by a black cop in Charlotte, North Carolina- and rioters are blaming whitey. You don’t have to do much googling to find video footage of the violence – which has primarily been directed at white people.

And it’s not just a group of uninformed rioters looking for an excuse to burn anything that are doing to despite the facts of the case – Scott’s family is doing the same. As AllenBWest reported:

When reporters asked the brother of the man who was shot for a comment, he said, “all white people are f**king devils!”

Which makes no sense whatsoever. Watch below (language warning):

Now we have to give him some slack here – his brother just died, and even if it was justifiable, anyone else would be emotional and might lash out irrationally. But it shows how people are propagandized to immediately believe every incident is racial in nature – is Obama nurturing this spirit through the “Black Lives Matter” movement helping or dividing us more? I think the answer is obvious.

So even when a black cop does it, it’s white people’s fault. I guess we just can’t win.

While Hillary Clinton is sympathizing with these rioters for their response to what she sees as yet another act of unjust police violence, they all seem like a basket of deplorables to me.

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