GET A JOB! Black Couple Trashes Store When They Can’t Buy ‘Slushies’ With EBT Card


Who knew!? You can’t buy a ‘slushie’ drink with an EBT card, especially at an establishment that doesn’t even sell it at all. Well, this black couple didn’t know, and boy were they peeved over it. In fact, they were so upset that they summoned their Obama-given right to act like fools and protest the absolute unfair situation by trashing the convenience store.


It was reported that this less than brilliant couple entered a shell gas station in Cedarhurst, NY on Saturday night. They immediately asked the cashier for a “slushie”, otherwise known as an “ICEE”.

Of course, when you don’t sell something…you inform the shopper, and they nod and move on typically. Right?

That is NOT what happened in this case. The couple began acting like fools, yelling at the clerk, even cussing him out for something that was not even his fault.

The couple used racial slurs against the attendant while throwing items around the store, including a $4,000 NYS Lotto machine. Photo Credit: NCPD.
The couple used racial slurs against the attendant while throwing items around the store, including a $4,000 NYS Lotto machine. Photo Credit: NCPD.

Question… in what reality is a ‘slushie’ worth acting like an idiot for? People are lame, this couple though, takes the cake!

Once the couple sort of calmed their ridiculousness down a bit, they managed to make a different purchase. Then the man slid his EBT card out. For those of you that might not know what an EBT card is, it’s basically food stamps in the form of a debit card that WE, the taxpayer, load up with cash each month so they can go around getting free groceries and acting like idiots when they can’t get a ‘slushie’ ….

At that point, the cashier informs the couple that the Shell station does not take EBT cards.

Then all hell breaks loose!

The black couple just knew that this cashier MUST be ‘RACIST’ ….so what do they do? They begin trashing the place, because they want attention. Attention to be focused on their struggle as a strong black couple that have to face obstacles like trying to get a ‘slushie’ with an EBT card and not being able to do either…

If that isn’t enough idiocy, they also decided to use racial slurs against the Muslim Clerk and wait for it…

Threatened to kill him.

The a-hole couple pushed the State Lotto machine off of the counter, and as it went smashing to the floor, the woman joined in and punched the clerk with random merchandise while still THREATENING his life!

I wish that I could report that the clerk was avenged by the cops when they showed up after the incident was reported by a good neighbor…but that’s not what happened.

This nasty couple got away with $4000 damage to this store, and sped off in their vehicle. There are no suspects, and no leads.

Of course Obama has not commented on this incident, but does he need to? I think we are all very aware that he does not give a crap.

In a perfect world, this couple would be learning their lesson behind bars, and Obama would be in the cell next to them.

But…the best we can get now, is hoping that Trump takes the White House come November. After that, idiots like this couple, will be out of time…and out of undeserved handouts.

A girl could dream…

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