WATCH: JAWS DROPPED When This Black Democrat Congressman Played The Race Card!

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Cedric Richmond spoke last when he testified against Sessions’ nomination for the Donald Trump cabinet. Who cares, right? Well he did. He was mad that he went last in what was probably an order determined by randomness or whomever arrived first.

He threw the race card in and brought Rosa Parks to shame when he said going last to speak against Sessions’s is like being told to sit in the back of the bus.

Newsflash, dope, it’s nothing like sitting in the back of the bus during times of segregation. If it was, then you’d be there in a suit shining Sessions’ shoes instead of serving as a Congressional Black Caucus Chair.

If there’s anything like sitting in the back of the bus, it’s that a white guy like me can’t be a chair member on the Congressional Black Caucus.

That’s some racist BS if you ask me. There should be one Congressional Caucus that includes everyone. Why does there need to be a black folks only version? That’s racist and segregates people. Am I the only one who notices that and enjoys calling it out?

Here’s a video of the dope himself, Cedric Richmond, throwing the race card like he’s a civil rights leader walking next to MLK. Let’s remember one thing, most people run to the back of the bus these days. With all the drug addicts and fights on public transit, the safest place is the back of the bus so you’re aware of all the nonsense in front of you.


The American Mirror reports – Richmond, Sen. Cory Booker and Congressman John Lewis all testified against Sessions’ nomination, essentially calling him a racist and alleging he is unfit to enforce America’s laws.But before he could do that, he questioned the committee’s decision to put the malcontents last in the lineup.“I want to express my concerns about being made to testify at the very end of the witness panels,” the Louisiana congressman said.“To have a senator, a House member, and a living civil rights legend testify at the end of all of this is the equivalent of being made to go to the back of the bus,” he told senators.Congresswoman Barbara Lee smiled and nodded in agreement behind him.“It is a petty strategy and the record should reflect my consternation at the unprecedented process that brought us here,” Richmond said.

I think this might be Cedric’s favorite song.

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