Black Democrat Indicted On 24 Counts Of Fraud Claims Racial Persecution

U.S. House of Representative Corrine Brown was criminally charged with twenty four counts of fraud. She’s a Democrat from Florida. According to her their is no validity to he case and it’s completely politically and racially motivated,

Brown told WFTV,

Last week was very rough. Two black men were needlessly gunned down by police; 5 Dallas police officers were slain by a demented man, and on Friday I had to appear in federal court. My heart is heavy, but my spirit remains unbroken. Being indicted is very scary. Yet my conscience is clear because I’m innocent. I’m not the first black elected official to be persecuted and, sad to say, I won’t be the last.”

Its really disgusting how she compared her situation, which she created, to the murder of several law enforcement officers. She has no shame. Then to place blame on others by claiming to be persecuted is the ultimate form of playing he race card.

The Justice Department refused to prosecute Hillary. But they are prosecuting Brown. It’s President Obama, a black man, and Loretta Lynch, a black woman prosecuting her. Not exactly sure what alternate universe she lives in where race would actually be a factor.

Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said,

“Congresswoman Brown and her chief of staff are alleged to have used the congresswoman’s official position to solicit over $800,000 in donations to a supposed charitable organization, only to use that organization as a personal slush fund.”

Brown faces a whopping 357 years in jail and an estimated $5 million restitution amount. Lock her up and throw away the key. Democrats spend so much time ranting about how amoral and terrible republicans are yet it’s one of their own who is being indicted on federal fraud charges. Makes sense why they haven’t commented on any of this yet.

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