Racist Black Democrats Just Learned The FINAL Fate Of Their Anti-Cop Artwork And They Are PISSED!!!


The anti-cop painting hung in a Capitol Hill hallway will be REMOVED FOR GOOD! Talk about a feel good story for the people who love America and respect their police.

Guess who’s mad about it! The racist democrats who kept hanging it up!

Pardon me as I take a good laugh at this!


The anti-police painting was taken down multiple times by Republicans, and then hung up again by demoncrats.

The painting is said to be in violation of suitability guidelines for depicting political controversy in a possibly gruesome nature.

In other words, the painting acts as though police are the problem, which is 100% untrue. Criminals are the problem. We’re not sure why the democrats don’t grasp that concept.

Fox News reports – A painting depicting police officers as pigs that a Missouri representative hung in a Capitol Hill hallway will be removed for good next week, the Architect of the Capitol said.The 2016 painting by then-high school senior David Pulphus won a contest organized by Rep. W. Lacy Clay (D-St. Louis), and the congressman later affixed the art to a wall in a hallway connecting House office buildings to the Capitol.Several congressmen, including Reps. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and Brian Babin (R-Texas) have, on separate occasions, removed the painting and returned it to Clay’s office.

You are clearly not fit for any job in American government if you think it’s OK to portray an anti-police painting. In particular, a painting that represents the city of Ferguson and how all the losers there destroyed their own town when a CRIMINAL named MIKE BROWN was shot for non-compliant and violent behavior.

Mike Brown was a piece of sh*t and so is everyone in Ferguson who destroyed it. That is exactly what that painting spoke to me. We can interpret art the way that it speaks to us, and that’s how the lame painting spoke to me.

Seriously, Ferguson, you destroyed your own neighborhoods because of that jackass, and now you want a painting up to remind you how stupid you were? Why does common sense elude you?

Listen up, democrats – you’re either for America and respect our police, and work together, or quit your job.

We know there’s always a bad apple in every tree. Sure, there might be one bad cop once in a while, but there wasn’t a bad cop who shot Mike Brown. He did his job and did it well. Every job has that one guy/gal who stinks, but it wasn’t this time. There should be a painting of people burning down Ferguson to remind the democrats/liberals how peaceful and tolerant they are.

Stop being incompetent losers who stick up for the BAD GUY. Get on the RIGHT team. We will all be OK.

Here’s my victory dance! Stand up for your police and show some respect!


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